Elodie LLC is a multi-practice agency that offers mental health counseling and life coaching to individuals in our community. We offer services to adults, young adults, business professionals, Active Duty Military, Veteran’s and their families. Offering these services can provide a life altering change to start a journey to become whole again. Elodie, LLC specializes in the areas of Grief, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression and Environmental Substance Abuse. 

As the awareness of mental health grows nationwide, the demand for educating the community on available resources has increased. Our clients now have different methods to access resources and to seek counseling. Our agency strives to be a premier provider of resources and services. We believe in providing discrete counseling that doesn’t compromise integrity in alternative settings. We offer in-office and tele-counseling therapeutic sessions to meet these growing needs of the community. Having the ability to reach clients, couples and/or families where they are is but a step toward beginning their journey to wholeness.



 Danielle Larkins,

M.S. Counseling and Psychology

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor LPC

Our Mission

Elodie LLC Professional Counseling Services strives to assist individuals in becoming whole again. Utilizing traditional and innovative therapeutic techniques, we educate, enhance and teach individuals to embrace the world around them.

Our Vision

We aim to assist individuals in their journey to become whole again, allowing him/her to live in the present, with a purpose and sense of understanding of their reality.

Our Goals for You

During the guided journey to reach your maximum potential, individuals will acquire:

  • Enhanced self-awareness

  • Education on life skills to use through their journey 

  • Grasp of the core issue with an applicable skillset 

  • Solution focus perception to understand the who and what your reality is  

Associations and Certifications 

Every person within our organization is considered a professional within their field. Don't just take our word for it. Below is the list of a few Professional Certifications we hold and National Boards we are affiliated with. As we constantly train, learn and enhance our ability to help you, this list is ever growing.

  • American Counseling Association- ACA 

  • American Mental Health Counselors Association-- AMHCA 

    • South Carolina Association of Licensed Professional Counselors

  • Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification -CRCC

  • National Board of Certified Counselors - NBCC

    • Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor - CCMHC

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