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"Your success to overcoming is a state of mind that manifests into reality". -Danielle Larkins

During the trying times that we are experiencing with COVID-19. 

We understand that safety is imperative. Elodie, LLC  believes in taking every precaution to protect our clients and staff.

To better meet our clients needs, Elodie LLC is offering tele-counseling and other therapeutic modalities at this time. 

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What is our goal for you?

Our goal is to assist each client in their journey towards having the ability to truly live again. For this to take place, they must understand, cope and develop a sense of wholeness from their fragments.

Therapy Session
Are you seeking counseling?

Seeking therapy can be stressful within itself and is too often perceived as embarrassing. Actually, we all have our struggles. We believe that providing an environment that is non- judgmental is vital in building a successful therapeutic relationship. We enjoy working with individuals to assist them with overcoming the challenges that have created obstacles in their life.

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Who do we work with?

We work with children, adults, couples, business professionals, military veterans and their families to get through a wide array of challenges. 

Our Specialties

There are various factors that affect an individual day in and day out. Although there are many different areas to address, we focus on several core categories.


Overcoming the significantly low emotional states that affect your self-worth, confidence and energy.


Dealing with everyday life stressors and learning proper and effective daily coping skills.


Developing the strength to recover from events that have affected relationships, jobs, social and other environments.