How do I support family and friends with mental disorders?

Recognizing the indicators of mental health difficulties in your friends or family members can save their life. Being able to talk to your friends and family about what they are feeling and how it's affecting their mental health is vital and a gateway to help them seek assistance. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to start the conversation. Ask your friend or family member the following questions to start the conversation:

  • How are you feeling? No, really how are you?

  • What’s going with you and the family?

  • Is there anything i can do to help?

  • I am here to listen and be here for you?

  • We love you and just want the best for you. And what we discuss, will stay between us.

There are many ways to assist and be life saver in your own way to the ones you love. Just a few examples:

  • Being aware of your own mental health

  • Educating yourself on the common signs and symptoms

  • Seeking resources as necessary

  • Being compassionate and understanding

  • Most importantly, being non judgmental

If a friend or family member is exhibiting symptoms of a mental health condition or has reached out to you for assistance, you may aid them by:

  • Determine whether the individual is receiving the appropriate care that he or she requires and desires; if not, link him or her with resources.

  • Expressing your support and concern

  • Reminding your friend or family member that resources are available and they should not be ashamed to seek help.

  • When the subject of mental health difficulties comes up, ask questions, listen to hear what they are saying, and don’t assume how that person feels.

  • Assuring your friend or family member that you are concerned about them and willing to assist them.

Mental health is real and having adequate support is necessary. If you need assistance or just want to talk, we are here to help.

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